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Cookies and Tracking

This site (and others in the network) actively avoids use of any cookies or other methods of external user tracking.

If you find cookies being served on this site, please notify me via or use the webform on my contact page.

User Data Storage

Though there is no explicit tracking or data collection initiative on this website, any webform responses are routed to email servers through a service called Formspree.

These emails and associated user data are not stored for any particular use, and will never be divulged to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

However, these emails may exist indefinitely unless their deletion is explicitly requested.

If you would like to explicitly request that your data be deleted, or to request a copy of your personal information, please use the form below.

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NOTE: For security reasons, data will only ever be divulged to the original email address associated with any form responses.
NOTE: Data may be deleted at any time without request; past submission of data does not guarantee that a copy still exists.

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