Research Intern, Stroock Group

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Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility (Ithaca, NY)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Abraham Stroock (Cornell Faculty Profile) (Google Scholar)

Ph.D. Student Mentor:Dr. Neeraj Nitin Sinai Borker (Personal Website) (Google Scholar)

Duration: June 2016 - August 2016

Description: Creation of novel ring-shaped microparticles via SU-8 photolithography

Topics: Photolithography, Nanofabrication, Multi-layer Particles, Fluid Mechanics

Technologies: Cleanroom operations, Photoresists (negative and positive), Contact alignment, Surface profilometry, Scanning Electron Microscopy

Outcome: Two-page technical report for internal publication, with accompanying poster and presentation

Research Outcome 1: Technical Report

Two-Step Photolithography for Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio SU-8 Rings

Authors: Ryan James Branch, Dr. Abraham Duncan Stroock, Neeraj Nitin Sinai Borker

Publication: Cornell Nanoscale Facility Research Accomplishments

Edition: 2015-2016

Pages: 202 - 203

First Published: October 2016

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Research Outcome 2: Poster

Presented at poster session, directly associated with the above report

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