Table of Software Projects:

Project Name Created Language(s) Primary Module(s) Branch
ListExpress 2016-05-07 Python, HTML, CSS Django, NumPy main
NSVT 2020-07-30 Python NumPy, Numba, PyOpenGL main
Pairs to Peers 2015-02-05 Python PyGame main
PyxDyn 2016-01-30 C++, Python Tkinter main
SQuIHD 2017-05-29 Python Pandas main
Tweepier 2016-03-21 Python Tweepy main
CAD 2020-10-12 OpenSCAD roundedcube main 2020-07-10 HTML, CSS Jekyll gh-pages 2020-10-17 HTML, CSS Jekyll gh-pages
electronics 2019-10-19 C++ Arduino main
grabFromSearch 2016-02-29 Python urllib main
Hypnic Functions 2019-09-12 Python NumPy, Pillow, Tkinter main
jekyanbranch 2020-07-08 HTML, CSS Jekyll main
Monopoly Simulator 2014-12-12 C++, Python Tkinter main 2020-11-13 HTML, CSS Jekyll gh-pages 2020-06-13 HTML, CSS Jekyll main 2020-11-07 HTML, CSS Jekyll gh-pages
Spifer 2020-03-19 Python Discord main
Stegan 2016-06-22 Python Pillow main
unity-resources 2020-07-06 C# Unity main

This page serves as a centralized list of links to my own open-source software projects.

Please note that although each project has its own individual page, I have yet to write specific description content for these webpages.

For the time being, the GitHub repositories for each project (linked in the "Branch" column) are the best source of information in this regard.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to use the form on my Contact page.

Thank you for your patience!